Five Mile Radius is a Brisbane based design studio exploring Australia's construction materials. We create projects, products and educational content that imagine a world built on a respect for material resources.  

Founded in 2016, the studio is the collaborative effort of a group of architects, tradespeople and educators passionate about testing new ideas for Australia's built future. 


Five Mile Radius uses pilot projects to prototype ideas, often turning projects into products that allow for continued experimentation.  Funds generated through the Five Mile Shop are used to fuel additional materials research and create educational events and content. 


The studio works with both recycled and natural materials and is seen as a local leader in closed loop thinking, waste reuse and bioclimatic design. 


Dream clients include the CSIRO, local governments, arts and community organisations, philanthropic organisations and rural communities. One day the studio hopes to operate from a bus and drive around Australia helping communities to unlock the potential of the materials around them.




Architectural Design

Installation Design

Interior Design

Sustainability Consulting

Educational Programs

Material Testing & Fabrication



Clare Kennedy / Founder, Architect & Creative Director

Hunter Eccleston / Graduate Architect & Production Coordinator

Tom O'Shea / Architectural Coordinator 

Ellie Farrington / Carpentry Lead 



  • Use Local  / Support local industries, economies and cultures. 

  • Supply Chain Transparency / Understand where things come from.

  • Reduce Embodied Carbon / Limit the use of energy intensive materials.

  • Build Less/ The most sustainable building is no building at all. 

  • Construction Efficiency / Reduce wastage on construction sites. 

  • Use Recycled / Look for ways to use recycled materials over virgin ones.

  • Be Healthy / Avoid hazardous materials with harmful health impacts. 

  • Design For Disassembly / Can your building materials be pulled apart and recycled?

  • Don't demolish / Try to work with existing buildings rather than demolish.

Past clients and supporters