Five Mile Radius has partnered with Dexus to reuse demolition material from the site of the new Waterfront Brisbane precinct—the site of the old Eagle St Pier.

The first range of furniture designed and manufactured by FMR uses salvaged stone, steel balustrade, and timber decking for our work, refinishing and reshaping each to create this first range of pieces for the new precinct.

The range was unveiled in 2023 at a milestone event onsite marking the commencement of groundworks. The press release may be viewed here.

The coffee table uses slabs of salvaged granite which were honed, trimmed, and stacked to form an elemental table made from a series of interconnecting tiles.

The stool is made from recovered decking, laminated, and joined using carpentry techniques to create a robust and lightweight piece.

The planter is made from steel balustrade which was flattened, rolled, welded, and polished.