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G'day mates 


The Five Mile Peeler Core table is made of Aussie Hoop Pine cores. Waste from the plywood industry, we're reppin' the middle of the tree that everyone else rejects.


The low down


Plywood is often imported. Have you ever seen a birch forest in Queensland? Nah mate. Ya haven't.

Enter Austral Ply, a Queensland business making plywood in Brisbane from sustainably sourced native  Queensland Hoop Pine trees. Hoop Pine is a marine species, stable, easy to work and suitable for exposure to Aussie sun.

Austral Ply's operation is so impressive that they only have two waste by-products. Sawdust (derrr) and the central core of the tree, left over when the outer layers are peeled to make ply. At the moment these cores are sold to make disposable pallets which seems a very sad fate.

As always, our goal at Five Mile is to promote local business' and find solutions to material problems. Welcome to the Peeler Core Table. A pimped out peeler core, ready for action.

How it's made


At the Five Mile Studio, we cut Hoop Pine peeler cores into legs, then remove two notches from each using our saw skills.

For our charred legs we hit the torch. The surface of each let is burnt using a natural charring technique to help preserve its surface.

Each leg is then sanded and sealed with a natural hard wax.

The surface of the table are made from 100% premium Austral Ply Plywood. Cut, sanded and waxed at our studio in Red Hill. 


The table was developed as part of the renovation of SWOP stores in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. You can read more about the process here


Peeler Core Table

  • Materials

    Hoop Pine cores
    Hoop Pine plywood (19mm)
    Hard Wax Oil


    W 60 x L 120 X H 50 cm


    30 kg.

    Suitable for outdoor use?