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G'day mates 


The Five Mile Telegraph Stool is made out of recycled timber telegraph poles.

Remember the Kookaburra that sat on the electric wire?

Don't make the same mistake yourself. Sit on the pole instead.


The low down


At any given time there are over 6,000,000 telegraph poles in use across Australia. Every year 200,000 of these are replaced due to ‘ground line failure’ where a small section of the pole becomes waterlogged. The rest of the pole is beautiful, totally reusable timber. However, due to a lack of local industry awareness, 80% of these currently go to landfill. (Say what??)


Our telegraph poles are A-grade untreated hardwood beautifully seasoned under the Australian sun. We get ours from Kennedy’s Timbers, a magnificent outfit stockpiling thousands of poles in their yard at Narangba, QLD.


Our goal at Five Mile is to work with mobs like Kennedy’s to raise the profile of this magnificent Australian timber source.


How it's made


At the Five Mile Studio, we seperate a length of a pole into two stools using a chainsaw. The surface of each stool is then burnt using a natural charring technique to help preserve its surface. After a thorough brushing we coat with natural hard wax to seal the char and condition your stool.


This means that when you buy a pair of stools, they are cut from the same log, turn one upside down and they stack on top of each other. It also means we waste no timber in production.


The table was developed as part of Open Actions festival  in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. You can read more about the process here

Telegraph Stool

  • Single Stool: $180 inc GST

    Pair: $350 inc GST