Five Mile Tee

Five Mile Tee

The Five Mile T-shirt is a classic full length, relaxed tee and is perfect for any occasion. From your morning soil sampling to your afternoon carpentry sesh - we've got you covered.


Get ready to look your best, safe in the knowledge you're wearing 100% cotton, farmed, milled and sewn Down Under.


The low down


Over 90% of Australian grown cotton is exported. Now, due to international competition almost all of our milling factories have closed. If you buy a garment marked 100% Australian cotton you can almost guarantee it was milled and sewn offshore.


Enter Full Circle Fibers, our Brisbane based supplier closing the loop on the Australian cotton industry. They link farmers, factories and customers, providing ethical fabric grown, milled and sewn in Australia.


Wear your tee with pride. The Five Mile Tee is symbol of Australian resources, skills and manufacturing. 


How it's made


The cotton used in our tee required 700L of water in production, instead of the 2700L, the global average. 


Grown, Milled and Made in Australia

Ethical Clothing Australia Accredited Facility

700L water used in production (compared to 2700L, the global average).


You can read more about the process here

  • $40 inc GST