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The current price of the waste terrazzo bench is for existing stock produced for Botanica Festival. 

Once these sell out the price will increase to $650 for the revised edition, available from February 1st.


G'day mates 


The Five Mile Waste Terrazzo Bench is formed entirely from construction and demolition waste, sourced from Brisbane building sites. Use as a table or seat, inside or out, and get ready to marvel your mates with your versatile, eco-stylish solution to a world wide problem.  


The low down


The production of cement accounts for 30% of worldwide carbon emissions. It is the second most consumed resource in the world, after water. Additionally, it is often difficult to gauge how much wet concrete is required for a job. Builders have to over order, often forced to send whatever is left to landfill.

Waste is a major issue in construction. It is almost always cheaper and easier to send building and demolition waste to landfill than it is to recycle or reuse it. Both the concrete and the waste terrazzo used in our benches are sourced as waste from Brisbane building sites.

Our goal at Five Mile is to widen the dialogue surrounding construction material use and waste in Australia.


How it's made


At the Five Mile Studio, we prepare purpose built concrete moulds for our benches. We use waste excess concrete, supplied wet by builders in Brisbane. To the concrete we add a variety of crushed construction waste, creating a unique pattern in the surface of each bench. After curing, the surface is ground, polished and sealed with a natural hard wax.

The removable stainless steel legs used in our benches are salvaged from a Brisbane resource recovery centre.

The Waste Terrazzo bench was developed as part of 'Waste Piles' - an installation for the Botanica Festival 2019. 





Waste Terrazzo Bench

  • Materials

    Excess concrete (supplied wet from building sites)

    Waste Aggregate (tiles, brick, metal etc)

    Note. Due to the use of waste materials every table is different. 




    40 - 50cm (Adjustable) 


    75 kg.

    Suitable for outdoor use?