Waste Terrazzo  Custom Slabs

Waste Terrazzo Custom Slabs

Our Waste Terrazzo surface, made to order as a custom slab or piece of furnture. 


  • Made to order in Brisbane. 3-4 week lead time. 
  • 100% waste concrete 
  • Bartops, tabletops, countertops
  • Steel bases available
  • Range of colour options available.
  • All profits fund our sustainable materials research


About Waste Terrazzo. 


Waste Terrazzo is an innovative concrete surface formed entirely from Brisbane's construction and demolition waste. By hacking into the city's construction cycle, Five Mile Radius has created Australia’s only concrete surface made entirely from waste. Used as a benchtop, table or seat, each unique made-to-order Waste Terrazzo combines excess wet concrete with crushed demolition waste to create a beautiful and customizable surface.


Watch the vid here


The low down 


Production of concrete accounts for over 8% of worldwide carbon emissions. In fact, cement is the second most consumed resource in the worldafter water and we require innovation at every step of the supply chain.


The concrete in our Waste Terrazzo is sourced from building sites when more wet concrete is supplied than required.  At present, builders often have no choice but to dump this excess on site or into landfill. Instead, Five Mile Radius has designed a time critical system to intercept this wet concrete off our construction community, transport it to our workshop, and pour it into our pre-prepared moulds.  


Five Mile Radius is proud of this unique intervention. Our Waste Terrazzo surface presents one simple and scalable solution to a worldwide problem.


How is it made?


At the Five Mile Studio, we prepare purpose built concrete moulds for our benches. When our wet concrete arrives, we add further crushed construction waste, creating a unique pattern in the surface of each bench. After curing, the surface is ground, polished and sealed with a natural hard wax.


Each Waste Terrazzo surface is unique. We use waste supplied from different sources and therefore each surface has slight variations. Cust