Its all waste baby 


Five Mile Waste Terrazzo slabs are formed entirely from construction and demolition waste, sourced from Brisbane building sites. Use as a bench or seat, inside or out, and get ready to marvel your mates with this rather fun solution to a worldwide problem. 


The low down 


The production of concrete accounts for over 8% of worldwide carbon emissions. In fact, cement is the second most consumed resource in the world, after water. Our Waste Terrazzo directly tackles one step of the enormously complex concrete supply chain, that of excess wet concrete.   By hacking into the city's construction cycle, Five Mile Radius has created Australia’s only concrete surface made entirely from waste. 


Since launching Waste Terrazzo in 2019, we’ve diverted over 3 tonnes of waste from landfill.  (Your 80 kg table equals 80 kg saved from the skip!).  We use only recycled timber and steel for our bases, reusable moulds for formwork and no harmful additives are added to our mix. 


How is it made?


At the Five Mile Studio, we prepare purpose built concrete moulds for our benches. We use waste excess concrete, supplied wet by builders in Brisbane. To the concrete we add a variety of crushed construction waste, creating a unique pattern in the surface of each bench. After curing, the surface is ground, polished and sealed with a natural hard wax.




For our 800mm diameter round coffee table legs are supplied either in  recycled stainless steel or timbe.


We can also provide custom leg designs or simply a slab to go on a base of your choice. Get in touch to discuss options and pricing.


Each Waste Terrazzo surface is unique. We use waste supplied from different sources and therefore each surface has slight variations. Customers are welcome to take place in the design of their piece,  and discuss the colours and materials they’d like to see in their finished product



Product Development


The Waste Terrazzo bench was developed as part of 'Waste Piles' - an installation for the Botanica Festival 2019.   Responding to the festival's theme ‘Remnant Landscapes’ our concrete tables, made entirely from local construction waste, aimed to spark a dialogue about often unseen remnants of our city’s creation. In particular, our installation focused on the everyday dumping of virgin concrete, deconstructed ceramics, discarded building plastics and other wastes.

Waste Terrazzo

  • $890 - 800mm dia table - stainless steel leg

    $970 - 800mm dia table - recycled timber leg

    Custom slabs and tables are priced on request based on a per square meter rate.  


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Our History

Five Mile Radius respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which we work, looking for ways to understand a place through its history, climate and  its  resources.

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