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G'day mates 


The Five Mile Windsock is one climate change accessory not to be missed. Get ready to impress dinner party pals with your better-than-BoM knowledge of both wind speed and direction. And for dessert? This nifty convo starter is made from recycled paint rollers and 100% organic cotton, grown, milled and sewn Down Under.


The low down


Over 90% of Australian grown cotton is exported. Now, due to international competition almost all of our milling factories have closed. If you buy a marked 100% Australian cotton you can almost guarantee it was milled and sewn offshore.


Enter Full Circle Fibers, our Brisbane based supplier closing the loop on our cotton industry. They link farmers, factories and customers, providing all aussie fabric grown, milled and sewn right here in Aus.


Fly your flag with pride. The Five Mile Windsock is a symbol not only of the changing weather, but of Australian resources, skills and manufacturing.



How it's made


At the Five Mile Studio we weld a retired paint roller to a piece of steel strapping. After sewing each sock, we thread it onto the strapping. Voila Windsock. Your sock can be mounted in a pole or place of your choice, or, we can provide a length of bamboo for pick up at our Red Hill Studio.


The windsocks were developed for Jungle Love Festival 2018.

You can read more about the process here





Five Mile Windsock

  • Without Pole $50 inc GST.

    With Pole $80 inc GST.