• Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab
  • Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab
  • Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab
  • Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab
  • Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab
  • Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab

Waste Terrazzo, Custom Slab

100% waste, baby

Waste Terrazzo is an innovative concrete surface formed entirely from Brisbane's construction and demolition waste. By forming relationships with local builders, Five Mile Radius has created Australia’s only concrete surface made entirely from concrete overpour which would otherwise headed to the skip.

Used as a bench-top, table or seat, each unique made-to-order Waste Terrazzo slab combines excess wet concrete with crushed demolition waste to create a beautiful and customisable surface.  We supply standalone slabs for benchtops as well as custom tables of any size. 

Waste Terrazzo is used by private and commercial clients Australia wide, including Southside Restaurant, Sunseeker Byron Bay, Range Brewing and Yamas, to name a few. 

Top: Solid reinforced concrete salvaged from building sites.

Aggregate: Choose from our stores of brick, tile, stone and glass 

Sealant: Food grade sealant.

Base: If required, welded steel reinforcing offcuts, blackened. Variations available.  

Edges : Edges can be polished or unpolished, they are unpolished as standard. Please confirm at the time of ordering. 

Note: As our product is made from reclaimed materials each table will differ slightly from the images shown

Slab Thickness: 40mm as standard, variations available. 

Weight: 85kgs per m2

Our design guide can be downloaded here

Waste Terrazzo slabs are available for pickup or delivery within 4-12 weeks of ordering. When we provide a quote for your order we will provide an anticipated lead time.

Delivery is available Australia wide or items can be picked up from our Brisbane Studio upon notification.

We love to create slabs and tables of waste terrazzo to suit your dimensions. Please email studio@fivemileradius.org or call +07 3096 0585 to discuss your next project and arrange a quote.