Botanica Festival - Waste Piles
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


May 2019



Botanica Festival



Brisbane City Council

Queensland University of Technology


Waste Piles was a temporary installation in the Brisbane Botanic Gardens of as part of Botanica Festival 2019. Responding to the theme 'Remnant Landscapes' the installation considers forms of  construction waste as remnants of the building industry. 


Various forms of waste, otherwise destined for landfill, were collected from building sites in Central Brisbane. This waste was cast in excess cement sourced wet from building sites. 


These discarded by-products of the built environment become an informal amphitheatre, a ruinous landscape amongst a green oasis of bamboo and trees.  Visitors are invited to sit amongst these waste remnants, to observe them up close and to consider their impact on the natural environment. 


Hunter Eccleston

Clare Kennedy

Tom O'Shea

Five Mile Radius

Urban Art Projects

Brisbane City Council

Jackson Hamilton