Aesop Installation

Aesop Installation

Installation design and fabrication of three product displays for Aesop stores in Queensland, inspired by the volumetric form of the cities we live in.

Using surplus concrete sourced from building sites, our studio fabricated blocks in four sizes of relating dimensions to allow for easy tessellation. Our formwork was lined with Ripple Iron which gives the blocks their wavy edge. This is our take on a standard interlocking concrete block which makes stacking quicker, simpler and stronger.

Ripple Iron is manufactured in Brisbane by local Architect (and personality) Russell Hall. Russell is known for his no bullsh*t views on environmental design, his wild material experimentation and his dry sense of humour. He is also known for this Ripple Iron, a roofing iron he manufactures at his Moorooka factory. It's like corrugated iron, only the corrugations are smaller.

The blocks are made of waste concrete, sourced as the overpour (also called blowout) from concrete pumps on building sites. We added charcoal, beeswax and black oxide to some of the blocks to create the tonal variation.

September, 2021

Aesop Skincare



Hunter Eccleston
Jack Hamilton
Ellie Farrington
Benjamin Emerton
Clare Kennedy