Jungle Love Festival

Jungle Love Festival

Design and Build of a temporary, shade, bar, stage and dance floor structure at Jungle Love Festival in Imbil on Kabi Kabi land. Our structure was made from fallen hardwood poles clad with 2000 hand split timber shingles. 

In collaboration with Private Forestry Services Queensland we ran a series of community workshops aimed at promoting ethical hardwood sourcing in South East Queensland. 

Our festival structure was erected over three days using skilled carpenters, labourers and volunteers from the local community.

As part of this foundational project for our studio, we received funding from the Gympie Regional Council to fund a documentary following our process. You can watch the documentary here.

November 2017

Jungle Love Festival

Kabi Kabi

Five Mile Radius
Private Forestry Services Queensland
Gympie Woodworking Museum
C & M Productions
Acacia Stevenson
Alexandra Cooke
Harry Pulller
Kate De Pina
Jack Birtles
Markos Hughes
Thomas Collins