Twin Mud House

Twin Mud House

Architectural design of two houses for resident artists at Art Ichol, an artistic oasis in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The houses were built using techniques found in surrounding villages and adapted to improve durability, ventilation and daylight. Over a series of visits we designed and helped build these structures, working closely with our generous client Ambica Beri and our sculptor turned foreman Ramesh Chandra.

We initiated a research project extensively cataloguing regional building techniques including stone foundations, mud walls, clay tile roofs, plasters and paints. This research was encapsulated in a beautiful book designed by Luke Robertson which was gifted back to the local community as a memento of their beautiful construction techniques. 

To visit Art Ichol and stay at the house visit here

October, 2017

Art Ichol

Ichol Village

Clare Kennedy
Acacia Stevenson
Ambica Beri
The Art ichol
Ramesh Chandra
Nobina Gupta
Disappearing Dialogues
Mandy Kennedy
Bhavana Barunjee
Luke Robertson

Earth Construction